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About Eugenia Parrilla and Yannick Wyler

Yanick and Eugenia both have rich backgrounds in various disciplines of performing and visual arts, as well as bodywork. With her profound experience bringing Argentine tango to students and audiences worldwide, her precise analytic skill and extraordinary physical artistry, Eugenia has had an remarkable influence on 21st century tango. Eugenia's distinctive talent and her long career have made her one of the most admired and inspiring dancers in the world of tango. Yanick is a contemporary kind of tango dancer- dynamic, energetic, precise and technical- yet still he connects to the old school tango essence and culture.

As a couple, Eugenia and Yanick share a particular sensibility for the music, as well as a poetic and sensual connection which define their enchanting and virtuosic presence on the performance and social floors.

Together Eugenia and Yanick's analytic skill and extraordinary physical artistry are shaping today's Tango. Sensibility for the music, as well as a poetic and sensual connection define their expressive and virtuoso dance style.  Both teachers of Tango and of Gyrotonic©, Yanick and Eugenia continuously investigate the movement of the human body and develop their technical expertise which they share through articulate, generous and fun teaching.

Eugenia is from Buenos Aires. Yanick from Switzerland. When they are not on tour,  they divide their time between Buenos Aires and Berlin.

About their teaching:

WE FOCUS on the awareness of the posture and on finding lines of opposition in our body structure. This enhances the functionality of our own movements allowing us to work in an autonomous and relaxed way but also in a better connection to the dance partner.

CENTRAL TOPICS in our teaching are the lines and projection of the legs, the use of dissociation, as well as timing and independence of the movements inside the couple.

THE CLASSES are designed for dance couples and consist of a series of exercises and applications. We use sequences with different elements, adapting the embrace to each movement and always returning to a comfortable close embrace.

OUR GOAL is to transmit information, techniques and tools that will help you to discover and develop your own personal Tango.