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New York is excited to welcome Eugenia Parrilla (Buenos Aires) and Yanick Wyler (Buenos Aires, Switzerland).

WORKSOPS: Eugenia Parrilla and Yanick Wyler will teach workshops on Sat May 23 and Sun May 24, and appear as the guest stars at Nocturne Tango Salon on May 16, 2015, and El Destino on May 17th, 2015.

PRIVATE LESSONS: Eugenia and Yanick are also available for private lessons. Go to Privates & Contact for more information and to set up a lesson.


Saturday May 23rd, 2015

Small rhythmic variations for the social dance floor
(Intermediate & up)
Delight your partner with small rhythmic vocabulary and responses in harmony with the music.

Disassociation and balance in torsional movements
(Intermediate & Advanced)
Learn how to enjoy perfectly balanced torsion for better flow and precision in ochos, pivots, boleos and sacadas.

Sunday May 24th, 2015

Playful barridas
(Intermediate & Advanced)
Engage your partner with playful attitude and delightful musical embellishments.

Dynamic turns
(Intermediate & Advanced)
We’ll work on different dynamics of turns, giving you recipes for spice and variety while having a ball playing with suspension, blocks and off axis tricks.

All workshops are 90 minutes.

Online Registration click here 


Online Registration click here 

Discount rules
All discounts are off the base price which is the cash at the door price.
Early bird online discounts:
Individuals: 12.5% off the individual cash at door price
Couples: 17% off the individual cash at door price
Students: 33% off the individual cash at door price
Discounts at the door
Couples: 10% off the individual cash at door price.
Students: 33% off the individual cash at door price

The couples discount is for a leader and follower registering for the same classes in one form with one payment, or one payment at the door. If you want to mix and match partners on the couples discount, use one form and settle up among yourselves. List your partners' names.

Students, the student discount cannot be combined with the couples discount. Sign up as individual students for the best deal. You will have to show your current full-time student ID from a real university, or pay the difference. Postdoc is not a student for this purpose, and part-time or continuing ed does not count.

A discount can be locked in only upon receipt of payment.

To partner or not to partner
No partner necessary, but you may prefer to team up with somebody you are compatible with, plus get a discount.
If you are looking for a partner, rsvp "join" on Facebook, and look among who else is going, or post on the event page.

Availability at the door
Check back on this website or on Facebook for updates before showing up without pre-registration.
Because we try to balance the workshops based on pre-registration, if you show up without pre-registration and without partner, we cannot guarantee gender balance.
At the door only cash is accepted. Thank you.

More info here.
Chelsea Studios, 151 W 26 St between 6 and 7 Avenues, NYC.

Milonga Appearances

Saturday May 16: Nocturne Tango Salon, class 9pm, performance about midnight. Admission $15 includes class
At DanceSport 22 West 34th St NYC between 5 & 6 Ave

Sunday May 17: El Destino 6pm-11pm, class 5-6pm by Amanda, Eugenia and Yanick performance around 9pm. Admission $10 before 7pm, $12 after or with class. At restaurant Raymi, 43 W 24th St between 5 & 6 Ave.

Wednesday May 27
Tango Cafe
at You Should Be Dancing, 412 Eighth Ave, (bet 30th & 31st Sts) 4th Fl. Buzzer #7

Eugenia & Yanick workshops brought to you by Soobin Sunwoo, Tine Herreman and Amanda Archuleta.