Eugenia & Yanick
Privates & Contact


Contact Soobin at
eugeniayanicknyc2015 AT gmail.com
for more information.

Private Lessons

Studio location to be confirmed depending on time and availability

Class fees
To take class with both $160 for the first lesson, $150 for additional ones
With Yanick or Eugenia alone, $
110 for the first lesson, $100 for additional ones
Add floor fee payable at the front desk.

To schedule
To schedule a private lesson, email eugeniayanicknyc2015 AT gmail.com, listing the following information:
- the possible dates and times from Sat May 16 to Wed May 27
- whether you want a lesson with both teachers or one
- your phone number and a good time to call
The lesson can be confirmed when we have booked the floor.
Cancellations with less than 24h notice will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Try to reschedule in a timely fashion instead.

When you take your lesson
1. A private lesson lasts 57 or 58 minutes to allow for arrival and leaving.
2. Arrive early at the studio and pay your floor fee for the hour at the studio front desk BEFORE you go to the classroom. Request a receipt.
3. Be at the classroom, with your shoes on and ready to start, at the exact time your lesson is scheduled to start. Poke your head in only when it is your time, so as not to interrupt the previous lesson.
4. If you arrive late, your lesson will still end at the scheduled time so as not to cut into the next lesson.
5. If for any reason the teachers are a bit behind schedule, please accept our apologies and wait a few minutes. You will of course get the full allotted time.
6. If you are with a partner but one of you expects more attention perhaps because you are not splitting the fee equally, indicate this to the teacher.
7. Settle the class fee in exact cash at the end of the hour.